Launching the club RIBThe club has two 6m Humber RIBs, "Anglian Diver" and our brand new boat "Spare Rib", which we launch from the beach at Sea Palling. This gives us access to the huge variety of wrecks that litter this part of the coast. During the season the boat will, depending on the weather, be booked to go out 2 to 3 times each week, or more if there's sufficient demand. Dives are always arranged to suit the lowest experience level on the boat. Launching the club RIB
Filling cylinders at the  compressor
The club also has it's own compressor a bit further up the coast at Trimmingham, where members can get free air fills (and Nitrox for those who pay a subscription towards the cost of O2).

Sherringham shore dive
As well as diving from the boat, members also shore dive off the coast, including the Norfolk chalk reef.
Red Sea diver at sunsetThe club organises trips both in the UK and abroad, It was back to the Red Sea for 2018.

EAB11 BooksThe club has a long history, having been formed in 1954, BSAC's 2nd year, and has had two books written about it. The first "The Birth" by Douglas Lutkin covers the period from the formation of the club in 1954 up to 1975. The second "Diving On" by Mike Thomas carries that story on from the mid seventies to the club's 60th Anniversary year 2014.
If you're interested in joining our club, you can contact our Membership Secretary from the "Contact Us" page. You can find details of our fees here