As we're a BSAC club it'll come as no surprise that the Scuba diving courses we run are BSAC courses. Many of the courses are run within the club by the club's own volunteer instructors, however for some more specialist or infrequently run courses we may team up with other clubs or they may be run as regional events. There are 4 main types of courses:

Try Dives
Lots of people take to diving the moment they take their first breaths underwater, if you've not dived before then a Try Dive is the ideal way to find out if you will too. A typical Try Dive session involves poolside tuition on diving techniques and equipment, followed by a scuba dive in the pool with BSAC-qualified instructors.
Diver Grade Training
There are five internationally-recognised BSAC diver grades, with a course designed to provide you with the necessary, knowledge and skills to move up each rung of the ladder.
Skill Development Courses
There are numerous courses in this category covering everything from nitrox blending to boat handling on the surface and bouyancy&trim to twin-set diving underwater, the SDC section of the BSAC website has a current list.
Instructor Courses
These courses are run regionally, not by our club, and provide divers of Sports Diver and above the opportunity to train as BSAC instructors.

Our most popular courses for people joining the club are shown in the menu on this page. Our Training Officer can answer questions on these along with any other training matters.